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Top 5 DSLRs below 70K

Top 5 enthusiast DSLRs below 70K

Pictures never get old, only camera technology does; but not as fast as smartphones or microprocessors.

Newer cameras normally come with faster Focusing systems, higher resolution sensors; some advanced controls, like a touchscreen and smaller size. Or sometimes it’s just slightly better image quality and higher price. If you are not a professional who would really be able to take advantage of those extra megapixels (did you ever need to print your click the building size hoarding?) or find the new upgrade not as worthwhile, their older versions can save you some money that you could invest elsewhere like in lenses, or chocolate.

These DSLRs were once a ‘must have’ for many pro photographers and maybe presently they might as well be for some. If you are starting out for taking your photography to the next level from a beginner these are great, cost effective options that will cost you below Rs 70,000.

I have also mentioned the online retailer where the camera is listed at the lowest price. If you find any lower price yet, please share it in the comments section below.

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D

If you are looking to buy a camera with great picture quality, low shutter lag and almost every pro feature in the crop frame sensor domain, then Canon EOS 70D is the best option in the 70k price bracket.

The camera has a 19 point AF system, a 7fps burst speed and a 75ms shutter delay, making it ideal for action, wildlife or candid photography. It supports around 200 Canon lenses via its EF mount.

The camera has a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000s, maximum light sensitivity of 12,800 ISO and good noise control at high ISO.
From the aspect of videography, the camera uses phase detection video autofocus system that is much more accurate than contrast detection, flip out touch screen
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Nikon D7100

Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100 packs best of two worlds, that of consumer cameras and pros. Housing a 24.1MP sensor, the DSLR has a touch screen to resolve matter quickly. Its sensor has a great dynamic range and a color depth of 24.2 bits.
While the Canon EOS 70D has 19 AF points, all cross type; the Nikon 7100 has 51 Focus points out of which 15 are cross type. This will ensure that the autofocus will pick the right area into focus after small readjustments.
Nikon D7100 is weather sealed, has built in HDR, burst shooting speed of 6 frames per second and was the first Nikon to do away with the Optical Low-Pass Filter.
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Nikon D90

nikon d90 image

This is the oldest one on the list; and also the cheapest. The Nikon D90 has been an enthusiast camera since the first day of its launch. At that time, it was made similar to cameras like the D300 – with identical look and feel but somewhat lower on specs like movie recording resolution, burst speed, weather sealing or max ISO boost.

It carries a 12.2 MP sensor and has a max ISO rating of 3200 (6400 boost). At almost half the price, the D90 has pro controls all displayed on the top status LCD screen and most importantly a faster shutter than the D7100. You will have over 200 lenses to choose from, compatible with its F mount.
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Pentax K-3

Pentax K 3

If you haven’t heard the name of this camera company then I wouldn’t you are probably either too young, or too new to photography. Pentax cameras were talk of the trade in the era of film cameras and though it transitioned slowly (and ever so slowly in India), it hasn’t earned the attention it deserves. The company is known for weather sealing almost every DSLR of its camera range, starting from the entry level K-30 (now replaced by K-50).

Pentax K-3 has a 24 MP sensor with a selectable anti-aliasing filter, Pentaprism viewfinder covering 27 AF points, 25 of which are cross-type. Its magnesium alloy body is weather sealed to keep dust and rain out and can operate at 10 degrees below zero.

The camera can shoot at a speed of 8.3 fps taking up to 22 RAW or 60 JPEG images in one go. It can record HDR images and Full HD video in H.264 format.
On the downside, K-3 is a heavy camera weighing 800 odd grams. With battery and smallest of kit lenses, the camera will weigh well over a KG. And overall, Pentax has much fewer lens options available as compared to every other brand on the list.
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Sony SLT A77

Sony SLT A77

This camera also features in our top mirrorless cameras list, while here it carries the highest megapixel sensor. The Sony SLT A77 is in fact not completely mirrorless, but has a mirror (a translucent one) that does not move. Single Lens Translucent cameras have a mirror in front of the sensor that splits the beam in two, so that it may not move to let the sensor “see” the light.
Compared to its counterpart DSLRs, SLT A77 offers much higher burst shooting rate (12fps), better Auto Focus abilities in video recording, high shutter speed of 1/8000th and a greatly improved OLED viewfinder (compared to other cameras of its time with digital viewfinders).

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