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A walk through mirrorless cameras

Heard about Mirrorless cameras before? No? Not Yet? If you call yourself a photography freak and haven’t heard about this technology in the market then this article is for you, because mirrorless cameras are the next big thing in the photography industry. You can call the Mirrorless ‘the middle child’ but, all you have to do is be clear about your expectations.

Let me tell you one thing more before I start my article- over the last few years popularity of mirrorless cameras have dramatically increased and there a reason why it’s happening in a subtle way. Mirrorless cameras consist of certain interesting attributes which provides them with an edge over traditional DSLRs; even some professional photographers today choose mirrorless camera over DSLR for these features.

Starting with:-

Mirrorless feature

It is very much clear from their name that these cameras don’t use mirror-box, that sends image to the viewfinder in a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras shows digital image of the subject as it passes through the sensor when you look into the viewfinder; which are actually electronic viewfinders (like Live Viewing in DSLR). Some Mirrorless cameras only let users see images through LCD screen.

Weight and Size

The mirrorless cameras don’t come with mirror box mechanism, so the devices are quite compact and lightweight when compared to DSLRs. Well, to be honest the weight and size do not make a huge difference on a professional shoot, but if you do lot of street photography then these devices could be a great companion for you. Many mirrorless cameras look identical to point-and-shoot cameras; even their lenses are smaller which help moving around without bothering about extra weight.

Mirrorless Cameras with Speedboosters are ideal for Video Production

We know that most of the mirrorless cameras integrate cropped sensors that does not allow capturing wide shots, but that was until Speedboosters became popular. Speedboosters increases the light entering the camera, as well as makes your overall image wider.

Capable of shooting 4K Video

Most of the mirrorless cameras available in the market are capable of shooting 4K videos. Those days are gone when mirrorless cameras were lagging behind on the resolution front.  Other mirrorless cameras like Sony A7S offer output of 4K resolution using HDMI.  Most of the TVs are now coming with 4K display so it will be perfectly ok to have a camera with 4K recording capability as that insures your camera for future and offers more options in production.

Shorter FFD

Flange focal distance (FFD) also known as flange-to-film distance is the distance from the mounting flange (the metal ring on the camera and the rear of the lens) to the camera sensor. In DSLRs the FFD is large to give space for mirror while mirrorless camera doesn’t have that space. As a result lens adapters get tougher to make when the camera body has a small lens mount.

Shhhhh they don’t make noise

As the mirrorless cameras does not integrate mirror that flips when shooting using DSLRs, they are quiet enough, which I personally think is a great feature when you are shooting a press conference or live events.


Now when you are set to opt for mirrorless camera you should know that there are very few devices that support old ones else you have to buy new lenses or converter. Camera from house of Nikon and Canon requires specific lenses or EF or F mount lenses. Fuji has released new range of lenses for its mirrorless lineup while Sony has designed its came so that any of its lenses can fit into A7.

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