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How to Keep your Mirrorless Camera Clean and Safe

By now we know lot about Mirroless camera, DSLRs, and point and shoot cameras. We also know composition and to find a balance in the frame is important part of photography, every photograph is an interpretation of your subject and message.  Undoubtedly camera is an extension of your eyes, but I believe it is an extension of your soul too. You pour in all your efforts to express your feeling with your photography.

We already know that mirrorless cameras don’t have mirror that offers first line of defense against dust, so cleaning the sensor is a much more frequent activity, and constantly sending it to shop is unreasonable. So here in this special article on world photography day we list you few ways to keep the extension of your eyes safe and clean.

Dust free Environment

Dust free Environment 1045X500

To start off with even before considering cleaning your camera sensor is to prepare a dust free environment.  You can use Air filter in small areas or even in bathroom as the moisture there won’t allow dust to come between you and your photography.  You can always keep you shower on and steam out the bathroom for few minutes this will help dust settle down. But make sure that bathroom is steam free before you start cleaning your camera sensor.

Air Blower:

Air Blower

Blower is a dry method which you can use to clean sensor of your mirrorless camera while lens changes or for general maintenance, it is one of the best ways to extend life of your camera and click some of your best photographs. Sometime you notice visibly large particles of dust on sensor or lint on camera sensor you can always use the blower to instantly remove it.

Sensor Cleaning Brush:

Sensor Cleaning Brush 1045X500

Sometimes even after using Blower few dust particles stays on the sensor like stubborn because static connection to the sensor. Here where the brush plays it role. But remember never to touch the bristles with bare hands and when using the brush second time use Air Blower on the bristles of your brush as this removes the old dust if there is any. This keeps the static charge which help in removing remaining dust from sensor.  Do not, we repeat do not put pressure while cleaning the sensor, brush across gently few time. Brush is a must have thing when you love your mirrorless or DSLRs camera.

Sensor Cleaning Swab:

Sensor Cleaning Swab 1045X500

Air Blower and Brush are part of dry methods to keep your camera sensor clean, though this method works most of the time but there is some debris that needs wet method to remove them from sensor. Debris like salty misty particles or microscopic particles that accumulate while shooting near sea .  Even sometime while changing lens we unintentionally sneeze and that microscopic spit get stuck to our sensor, here the swab works perfectly.

Always remember use Wet Method only after using the dry method else large particle will put scratch n you sensor while rubbing with swab.

Sensor Cleaning Swab are good for larger sensor like full frame and especially medium format, use the swab once across your sensor as even as possible.

Instead of buying the Box Set you can always go for cleaning kit and buy some extra Pec Pads so that you can reuse the spatulas.

You can always buy the Mirrorlss, DSLR sensor cleaning kit from online retail sites  like Amazon India and Flipkart.com.

How to keep camera safe

How to keep camera safe 1045X500


Most of us in India prefer to carry camera in our laptop or some other bags. Never ever do this… Why? Camera bags are made to keep cameras safe they are padded enough to bear all sort of pressure even if you are travelling in public transport.

Always remember to keep lens intact with the body, if your camera bag doesn’t have space enough to keep them together do use the rear lens cover and Camera Body Cover Cap. This will keep sensor and lens safe.

In case if you have to use the camera in places where dust is all around like clicking in villages or doing street photography, when you return home follow the above mentioned method to keep your camera clean and safe.

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