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Perfect match of accessories for your Mirrorless Cameras

Perfect match of accessories for your Mirrorless Cameras

Weighing less than DSLRs the mirrorless cameras are capable to deliver 4K videos and offer almost similar result on the photography front. The mirrorless cameras are available in the market with affordable price tag; however there are very few accessories available to embrace them.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of companions for DSLRs including third party lenses but mirrorless camera owners you don’t need to feel left out as we have cherry picked top accessories for your camera in this article.

Table Dolly

Camera Accessories Table Dolly

We often had to shoot stepping in towards the subject with the camera (dolly in), or step backwards with the camera (dolly-out) as a result we get jerky videos.  To get better result you need a table camera dolly featuring four skate style rubber wheels that glides over smoothly on tabletops or any flat surface. You can add straight and curved motion to your smartphone videos with the Table Dolly, you can also mount light or smartphone as per your requirement. Grab one for your lovely cam at starting price of Rs. 5,000.

Video Action Stabilizing Handle

Camera Accessories Video Action Stabilizing Handle

Undoubtedly, tripods are a best solution to record stable videos, but you can also use handle Grips an inexpensive stabilisers — it provide necessary stability to action video shoots. The camera remains suspended in the Stabilizing Handle and helps to stable shots. It is a perfect accessory for your mirrorless camera as it reduces fatigue over lengthy filming session.

LED lights

Camera Accessories LED lights

Almost all the mirrorless cameras come with built in flash but that sometime does not give the result you want while shooting at night. Often the light produced by inbuilt flash is quite harsh. As most of the cameras come with hotshoe you can mount a dimmable LED lights that work as a perfect companion while shooting. The LED light come with couple of filters, Spotlight effect and Diffuse effect for reducing the color temperature to 3200K. You can also use the light to give special effects to the subjects.

Macro Ring Flash

Camera Accessories Macro Ring Flash

Macro photography is an art of clicking extreme close-up snaps that shows subject in details. Many Mirrorless cameras are capable of talking such greats pictures, but when we get close to the subject lights are often improper. Here the Macro Ring Flash works – the circular LED light fixes around the lens and packs battery to offer better photography. You can also adjust intensity of light and color as per your need.


Camera Accessories Micro Phone

Audio is very important part of quality video when you have 4K camera, at some point you can compromise with the shaky or less than sharp video but not with sound quality. Audiences quickly switches off videos with poor audio. So when you have to offer better audio at low cost for mirrorless and DSLR cameras, Rode microphones are the best companion. There is a range of mics in Videomic series which runs on battery and uses a standard 3.5mm jack; this is the reason why most bingers and pros recommend the brand.

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