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5 Tips for Macro Photography with Point and Shoot Cameras

When it comes to macro photography, a lot can be done with DSLR, while photographers handling the point and shoot cameras are left fending for themselves when it comes to snap close-up shots. While the macro shots with a point and shoot camera might not be as good as DSLRs, still you might end up snapping remarkably good shots with Point and Shoots.

Here are the few tips to help you get the best of Macro Shots with Point and Shoot Cameras:

Use Macro Mode

Sounds very obvious!!! I am sure most of us while using Point and Shoots forget that these cameras too come with special mode to snap close up shots (Though it cannot be called as a proper macro because macro has around 1:1 ratio bigger subjects). Try to snap a macro shot in automatic mode, and you will get a ridiculous result. Now, before you start blaming your Point and Shoot, switch to Macro Mode; hopefully this might make a little difference. I will, just try.

Don’t Forget to Focus

This one is so typical. We end up capturing lots of macro shots of flowers and later on discover that subjects are out of focus, especially when you cross check on the computer screen. This happens when your compact cameras autofocus misses the subject while taking a close-up shot. So, check if you camera supports manual focus or not, if yes then use it to get the subject right into focus. It might help you a bit.

Play with the Composition

Its in our habit that most of the time we forget the things about basic composition while taking a close-up shots. Keep in mind composition plays a vital role at times while capturing a close-up shot. Composition helps in drawing draw the viewer to the main point in the picture. Make sure to select a simple background while composing your shot to make your subject stand out.

Make Use of Self Timer

Remember to make use of Self Timer while taking a close-up shot. It is very important to avoid camera instability and shaking while capturing macro shots. In DSLR, the work gets easy because of the use of cable shutter release or wireless shutter release, but those with point and shoot compact cameras are left with just one option, i.e. self timer. Make sure to place the point and shoot camera on a tripod, and see everything is in focus, and then set the timer. In this way, macro shot can be clicked without a camera shake.

Cross Check the Shot

Now when the shot has been captured, don’t turn and move away. Make sure to cross check the shot on your camera’s LCD, zoom it to see if its look good and check if the focus is sharp or not. If in doubt, click some more shots with different compositions.

We hope these tips might help achieve some good macro shots. Also, we would love if you can too share few of the tips you know.

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