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A Quick Point and Shoot Buying Guide

There are quite good numbers of Point and Shoot Cameras available in the market to choose from, but at times finding a perfect snapper among thousands becomes a bit confusing. After spending a good sizable period of time in the store figuring out which amongst the all is the greatest point and shoot camera that would meet your expectations and need, and that comes with most of the features at a price you prepared yourself to shell out from your budget. But what’s more important I to know what you need in your camera; here is an overview of the few important points that should help ease the process of choosing the best Point and Shoot Camera.

Mega Pixels

Among all features of a Digital Camera, one that makes it the most effective gadget is best termed as Mega Pixels. This category makes or breaks the performance of your favorite Digital Point and Shoot Camera. It is said that higher the mega pixel, higher will be quality of a particular photograph will be. It (the mega pixel) is equivalent to one million pixels, and the resolution of an image is totally based on the mega pixel properties the camera owned by you. Having higher mega pixels tends to offer more detailed and less blurry images, even when you enlarge the picture.

Zoom Lens

Most of the entry level Point and Shoot Cameras include a 3x Optical Zoom lens, which seems enough for many people. At times, it is good have plenty of zoom, and there are cameras that come with as high as 12z optical zoom including digital zoom. But keep in mind, the higher zoom lens aren’t worth if you don’t know how, when and for to use it for.


Without doubt, Point and Shoot Camera is a label used for most of the digital cameras to distinguish casual cameras from DSLRs and other professional cameras. And portability of a camera is a main attribute that makes it a compact camera. The portability factor makes it easy to carry the camera even in your pocket and use it for those unexpected moments instantly.

LCD Size

With technological advancements, LCD technology has become less expensive, and the result is nowadays even budget cameras are boasting 2.5-3 inch LCD screens. It is said that a 1.5-inch screen is average, a 2-inch LCD seems is good, but the most effective LCD size in the camera would always be 2.5 inches or higher. A large LCD just not let you frame the subject much better; it also eliminates the need to squint to the viewfinder to quite an extent. A sizeable LCD is also good for reviewing the clicked pictures.

Durable & Weather-proof

Do you travel often or attend each and every pool party thrown in the town. So, consider how you are going to use that favorite snapper of yours, and purchase it accordingly. Most of the new age cameras are durable and can withstand the force of sitting on them, drop and accidental damage. Make sure if you are a regular traveler, try putting your hand something resilient.

Apart from aforementioned points, it is suggested to have hands on with various digital cameras before making a purchase. The key point to find the suitable digital point and shoot camera is understand what will best fit your needs. Don’t just for the latest; try to explore and use before pulling that hard earned cash.

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