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Tips to Take Good Pictures Using Point and Shoot Camera

Every one of us wants to be a better photographer, and loves owing a DSLR to make that dream come true. And even some of us get bit of jealous looking at the pictures taken with DSLRs imaging that this awesome camera is responsible for delivering better photos. Well, here is a dirty secret, that it’s just a misconception that you should owe Only DSLRs to click excellent photos. A Point and Shoot Camera can also prove to be a miracle at times.

Here are tips to better shots on a point-and-shoot:

Read the Manual: Nothing might help you more if you haven’t read the manual. Reading the manual helps in knowing your Point and Shoot Camera much better. It might feel boring but this is sure to make you learn something new about the camera, even if you consider yourself a master.

Read the Manual

Play with the Settings: Once you are done with the manual, move to menus and settings. Things get easy when you get familiar with the settings and menu, and are aware what those buttons are capable of turning your camera into.

Play with the Settings

Frame the Picture: Make sure to frame the subject rather than aiming at it. Make sure to use the viewfinder or viewing screen so that you can compose the subject with perfection. Keep in mind, when capturing the subject; place his/her head near the top instead of keeping it on the dead center.

Frame the Picture

Be Close Enough: At times subjects are too small and far; make sure to get closer to make the subjects look bigger and clear.

Be Close Enough

Flash it: Make use of Point and Shoot Camera’s fill flash mode whenever possible. This helps in softening the unflattering facial shadows that are created with direct sunlight, and in turn brightens the subjects that lit from behind without cleansing the background.

Flash it

Angles, Use Angles: One thing that might help you shoot a good picture with your Point and Shoot Camera is to shoot from different angles. Keep in mind that eye level is not always the best height to snap the pictures; rather get innovative with positions. Try squatting to take a picture from low angle, or standing on thing like chair, table or wall to capture the subject from high top.

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