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Asus Zenfone Zoom Camera mobile

Asus Zenfone Zoom Camera packs innovation but with a usual sensor

There has been quite some time that we had a smartphone with a built in lens. Last the market witnessed was Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, having a bulky lens oozing out of its back, extending up to 3 times the phones width. The phone has 10x optical zoom lens, a 20.7 MP 1/2.3 inch sensor and a xenon LED flash.

The latest camera centric smartphone is from Taiwanese electronics giant Asus based on the lines of its Zenfone series. The Asus Zenfone Zoom has a 13MP camera used with Zenfones but with a 10p Hoya lens. The lens gives it the capability to zoom optically up to 3x, in steps as low as 0.03x. But the best part is the lens doesn’t protrude out of the camera body. The flash is dual LED, but the auto focus is laser assisted, which makes it fast and sharp.

Here, I will share some camera samples shot from the smartphone and also, I have compiled a video of recordings done on the phone.

Zenfone Zoom

Asus Zoom sample two

Asus Zoom sample three

Asus Zoom sample four

Asus Zoom sample five

The zoom certainly poses an advantage in times when you need it and optical image stabilization actually helps to keep pictures blur free when taken at full zoom. The lens is a 28-84mm equivalent, with the aperture ranging from f/2.-4.8.
The focus lock is quite fast, as you will find in the video be it low light or bright.

But at the heart of any camera is a sensor and Asus Zenfone Zoom uses an unknown 13MP sensor. It is neither strongly resistant to noise, nor captures more details compared to other smartphones less than half its price.

In manual mode, shutter can be as fast as 1/16000s or opened for long exposure of up to 32s.

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