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Top camera apps for smartphones

Gone are the days when people required heavy camera and expertise to click amazing pictures. The smartphone revolution has empowered the users for capturing perfect images by providing them better cameras in their smartphones.

There are various applications which can help the armature photographer in us to become an expert. These apps offers various types of filters and editing tools which give an extra edge to the image quality and also enables the users to share their collection directly with their friends and family via various social networking sites. So here is a list of some exciting camera apps in alphabetical order which will make you shoot like a pro. Grab a look folks!

Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate 1045X500

All the photography enthusiasts out there are very well aware of the Camera 360 Ultimate app. It is one of the best camera replacement apps which offer hordes of options for capturing excellent images.

The app features more than ten camera modes such as selfie camera, effect camera, poster camera, funny camera and many others. Along with this, the app also provides more than 200 free filters to further enhance the images. It also offers features like facial recognition, skin smoothing, face thinning. Apart from capturing dazzling images it also comes equipped with professional editing tools which help in making the picture perfect. The users can also directly share their images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks and can also keep them safe by storing it on the cloud.

Camera Zoom Fx

Camera Zoom Fx 1045X500

Camera Zoom Fx is another paid camera app in our list. The app features a clean UI and also offers hosts of features to make your photography experience a complete delight. The app has various shooting modes like steady shot, voice activated, timed and burst and many others. It comes with the standard stock camera layout but can offer some of the exceptional shots.

The other features of the app incorporate composition overlays, hardware button controls, saturation, brightness, HDR, ISO. Moreover, the users can also edit the pictures with the professional editing tools present in the app. The other interesting feature of the app is morphing, which lets users to distort the images. Along with this, the users can also add various effects like tilt-shift, color transformations and more to their images using the Camera Zoom Fx app.


Cymera 1045X500

Cymera is the next camera application on our list; this app comes with a fresh and new user interface. It offers various filters to choose from along with the seven types of lenses that enables you to time your shots and even apply image stabilizer for shaky images. Apart from the filters the app also has hosts of editing tools which can be used to make the image sharper and finer.

The users will also be able to adjust the brightness, correct the red eye and improve the colors of the images depending on their choice within the app. The app also offers some interesting features such as overlay decorations, facial detection which makes the pictures funny and amazing. This app has almost everything what it takes to beautify a picture.

Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera 1045X500


The Fast Burst Camera app is best suited for clicking a lot of images for a particular sequence. It let users to capture various frames and then select the best frame for them.

The app is capable of shooting up to 30 frames per second; users just need to trigger the app by pressing and holding on to an onscreen shutter button. The app supports flash, focus and digital zoom. This paid app offers various shooting modes such as Single shot, Full Burst, Pre-shot and motion trigger. Along with this, the users will also be able to edit their images with the built in editing tools of the app. The app is a best option when it comes to capturing children, parties or sports activities.


Flickr 1045X500

Everyone is well acquainted with the name of Flickr one of the prominently used photo sharing app all around the world.  The app from the house of Yahoo is well known for its camera qualities and enables the users to capture amazing high resolution pictures.

The app offers 16 different types of filters and some interesting editing tools which will help you in further refining the image captured. Along with this, the users also get a chance to checkout photos of the people all around the world. The users can also sync and store their various images to the cloud with the help of the app and can also avail the free storage space of 1000 gigabytes from Flickr. Moreover, the app also allows you to capture 30 seconds of HD videos making use of the various filters present in it.

Paper Camera

Paper Camera 1045X500

We all are very much fascinated about the cartoon strips and often love to capture various images in that sketchy effect. Now you can do so with this amazing app called Paper Camera.

This app is equipped to deliver real time cartoon and painting effects on your camera feed. Users can also click a drawn and painted form of a picture using the app. It offers 14 stylish sketch filters which lets the user to view the picture before capturing the moment. Apart from clicking pictures users can also record videos in the sketchy form using the Paper Camera app. There are various editing tools present in the app which enables them to edit pictures and later on sharing them on social networking sites. However, it is not a free app and you have to spend an extra penny to use it.

Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera 1045X500

The Pro HDR Camera is the only HDR camera app in our list, which helps the users to capture and produce best images for dynamic range shooting with high-contrast subjects. The app also helps in balancing things as it capture images at different exposures and then by combining them into one single shot for a more better exposure.

Users just need to tap for a single time and the app will itself capture amazing shots. With this app you don’t have to choose between a blown-out sky and a hopelessly dark foreground. The app provides a fully automatic mode and an assisted manual mode for the occasions when you wish to select the exposure according to your needs and requirements. The app also has a built in HDR gallery which let the users to view to peruse, share and re-edit the HDR images captured by them.


Retrica 1045X500

Retrica is one of the best camera app which uses rear and front camera for capturing some of the amazing pictures. The app features some of the very enticing filters which make your images and selfies to stand out of the crowd.

This app enables the users to select and set a filter before clicking images. Moreover, it also lets you to set different filters at various interval of time. The application has many different features such as Vignette, Collage, Watermark and Blur which when embedded in the images can deliver quite unique results. Along with this the app also enables the user to build up their own social network by uploading picture clicked by them online.

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